Meet Joe Bear Meadow, Partner – TJC Mortgage, Inc.

This year’s Executives of Influence span a range of sectors, from new managing partners of a couple of Birmingham’s largest law firms and the CEO of one of Birmingham’s largest general contractors to executives that helped their organizations land deals with corporate giants like Apple and Nordstrom, among others. And one of those is our very own Joe “Bear” Meadow, Partner – TJC Mortgage, Inc.

BBJ: How does your military background influence your day-to-day in business?

Joe: It’s methodical. And if I commit to something, I have to do it. The military teaches you to always see things through. Be dependable. You may not have all the talent, but if you work harder than somebody and you want it more than somebody, you’ll be successful. It gives you confidence. These are people’s lives. When you’re dealing with a mortgage, you’re dealing with people’s lives. We deal with everyone from the CEO of a bank to the guy cleaning the toilets. The guy cleaning toilets is just as important as the CEO. That to me is the important thing – treat everybody the same.

One of the biggest things that the military taught me is that when people are counting on you, you’ve got to come through or bad things happen. The other thing that the military teaches you is to be willing to do things that other people aren’t.

If you had to have another job, what would it be? High school football coach. I played football at UAB, and we’re big supporters of UAB. Either football coach or I might run a boy’s home for troubled boys. I would run it militaristic, because I think boys do better in a disciplinary structure where they know what is expected of them. It’s when they don’t know what is expected of them that they get into trouble. That’s why you see a high crime rate with young men.

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Photo credits – Bob Farley
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