Don’t Get Intimidated by the Process!

Let us make the process of getting approved for a VA Loan easy!

As a VA Home Loan specialist, one of the most significant challenges I face are clients who think getting approved is too hard or too much of a hassle. I am here to tell you – it’s not! We are a Veteran friendly company; I made sure of that when we created TJC Mortgage, Inc. We are experts when it comes to navigating a VA Loan, and we want to help you!

If you think you won’t get approved because of your COE (certificate of eligibility), or because you’re missing documents like a DD214 or Character of Service Certificate – I can help you get what you need to get qualified. Don’t let little hang-ups like this prevent you from becoming a homeowner!

Reach out to me and let’s discuss your goals and get you on the road to pre-approval, which gets you a one-way ticket to homeownership! Call me to get the ball rolling, or go ahead and get started by applying on my website – it’s super easy and only takes around 8 minutes to apply.

Joe “Bear” Meadow

NMLS# 62439