Carla LeBlanc Stresses Why Sellers Should Get Repairs Done

The Importance of Sellers Getting Home Repairs Done

Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows that both parties involved agree on what repairs are to be done before closing. The degree of the repairs varies from home to home. In a typical scenario, repairs are done, and everyone walks away happy. Right? Well, not recently.

In the last two months alone, Carla LeBlanc, Loan Officer at TJC Mortgage, Inc., has had five loans fall through because repairs were not done or done poorly. The buyers were upset because the sellers didn’t do what they said they would, and they killed the deal. Everything was going smoothly, in fact, they were already scheduled for closing. Then, they fell apart at one of the last stages of the transaction: the final walkthrough (which is where the buyers get one last chance to tour the home and verify repairs).

We recommend that seller’s get the agreed upon repairs done, and, ideally, done by a professional. Feel free to reach out to anyone at TJC Mortgage, Inc. for recommendations if needed.