Zell Railey Discusses His Recent Encounter With Mortgage Fraud

How To Avoid Mortgage Fraud

The mortgage process can be tough to navigate. Plus, with regulations constantly changing, who can keep up with it all? The best option is to choose a mortgage company who has your best interest in mind and use them as a guiding beacon to help you. At TJC Mortgage Inc., we make sure you, the consumer, are aware and notified of any possible hiccups throughout the loan process, which is one of many reasons we ask you to share all your pertinent financial information with us.

In the video above, you’ll see Zell Railey, Loan Officer at TJC Mortgage, Inc., discuss a situation where one of his customers almost got in some hot water. Zell’s customer withheld some information that could be construed as mortgage fraud. Luckily, Zell caught this before it escalated and things got ugly, but, had he not, those customers may have faced charges of mortgage fraud. It was a simple misunderstanding. The customers did not know that needed to share this particular piece of information with their loan officer, but it turned to be very important, and they’re lucky that Zell was able to take care of it.

The takeaway here is to make sure you share all your information with your loan officer. Most consumers don’t know what is or is not important when it comes to sharing information to secure a mortgage. Your loan officer will tell you what you need, but if there is a piece of information your unsure of, go ahead and divulge that with your lender to be safe.